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Fruit tree picking times

This table shows the approximate harvest dates for the fruit trees we supply.

Apple tree

AkanePick now
AlkmenePick now
AlmataPick now
AntonovkaPick nowPick now
Arkansas BlackPick now
Ashmead's KernelPick now
BaldwinPick now
Beauty of BathPick now
Belle de BoskoopPick now
Black OxfordPick now
Blenheim OrangePick now
BlondeePick nowPick nowPick now
Bramley's SeedlingPick now
BurgundyPick now
Calville BlancPick now
ChieftainPick now
Claygate PearmainPick now
CortlandPick now
Court Pendu PlatPick now
Cox QueenPick now
Cox's Orange PippinPick now
CrimsonTopazPick now
Cripps PinkPick now
Cripps RedPick now
DiscoveryPick now
Duchess of OldenburgPick now
Egremont RussetPick now
ElstarPick now
EmpirePick now
EnterprisePick now
Erwin BauerPick now
FameusePick now
FlorinaPick now
FreedomPick now
Freiherr von BerlepschPick now
FreybergPick now
FrostbitePick now
FujiPick now
Fuji (early)Pick now
GalaPick nowPick nowPick now
GalarinaPick now
Ginger GoldPick now
Golden DeliciousPick now
Golden RussetPick now
GoldRushPick now
Granny SmithPick now
GravensteinPick now
Grimes GoldenPick now
HaralsonPick nowPick now
HolsteinPick now
HoneycrispPick now
Hubbardston NonsuchPick now
Hudson's Golden GemPick now
IdaredPick now
JonagoldPick now
JonathanPick now
Karmijn de SonnavillePick now
KeepsakePick now
Kidd's Orange RedPick now
King of Tompkins CountyPick now
LadyPick now
Laxton's SuperbPick now
LibertyPick now
MacounPick now
MargilPick now
McIntoshPick now
MelrosePick now
MutsuPick now
Newtown PippinPick now
Northern SpyPick now
NovaspyPick now
Orleans ReinettePick now
Pine Golden PippinPick now
Pink PearlPick now
PristinePick now
Red DeliciousPick now
RedfieldPick now
RedfreePick now
RegentPick nowPick now
Reinette ClochardPick now
Rhode Island GreeningPick now
Ribston PippinPick now
Roxbury RussetPick now
RubinettePick now
Saint Edmund's RussetPick now
SansaPick now
ShizukaPick now
SlavyankaPick now
SnowSweetPick now
SpartanPick now
SpigoldPick now
SpitzenburgPick now
State FairPick now
Sturmer PippinPick now
Summer RamboPick nowPick now
SunCrispPick now
SundancePick now
SunrisePick nowPick now
SuntanPick now
Sweet SixteenPick now
TriumphPick now
Tydeman's Late OrangePick now
WealthyPick now
Williams' PridePick now
WinesapPick now
Winter BananaPick now
Wolf RiverPick now
Yellow TransparentPick now
Zabergau ReinettePick now
Zestar!Pick now

Asian pear trees

HosuiPick now
ShinkoPick now
ShinseikiPick now
ShinsuiPick now
YoinashiPick now

Cider apple tree

Bedan des PartsPick now
Binet RougePick now
BramtotPick now
Brown SnoutPick now
Brown's ApplePick now
Bulmers NormanPick now
Chisel JerseyPick now
DabinettPick now
Doux NormandiePick now
Ellis BitterPick now
Frequin RougePick now
Geneva Tremlett's BitterPick now
HarrisonPick now
Harry Masters JerseyPick now
Herefordshire RedstreakPick now
Kingston BlackPick now
MajorPick now
Medaille d'OrPick now
MettaisPick now
MichelinPick now
Muscadet de DieppePick now
Porter's PerfectionPick now
Somerset RedstreakPick now
Stembridge ClusterPick now
Stoke RedPick now
Sweet CoppinPick now
Tom PuttPick now
VilberiePick now
Yarlington MillPick now

Crab apple tree

Chestnut CrabPick now
DolgoPick now
Hewe's VirginiaPick now
KerrPick now
Roberts CrabPick now
Wickson CrabPick now

Pear tree

AuroraPick now
BartlettPick now
Beurre BoscPick now
Flemish BeautyPick now
Harrow CrispPick now
Harrow DelightPick now
Harrow SweetPick now
HoneysweetPick now
KiefferPick now
MaxinePick nowPick now
MoonglowPick now
Red Clapp's FavoritePick now
SeckelPick now
ShenandoahPick now

Perry pear tree

BrandyPick now
GinPick now

Plum tree

CastletonPick now
EmpressPick now
European DamsonPick now
Geneva MirabellePick now
MethleyPick nowPick now
Old Green GagePick now
OpalPick now
Oullins GagePick now
PresidentPick now
Rosy GagePick now
VictoriaPick now
VictoryPick now