Spring 2024 - end of seasonWe have finished taking orders for this season. You will be able to pre-order for next season from June onwards and shipping begins again in Spring 2025.
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Catalog of fruit trees for sale

  • Apple trees Malus domestica125 varieties
    We have a huge range of apple trees for sale and can advise on all aspects of choosing, planting, growing and pruning.them.
  • Cider apple trees Malus domestica38 varieties
    We have a range of specialist cider apple trees and can advise on planting and growing them.
  • Crab apple trees Malus sp.12 varieties
    Crab apples produce a mass of spring blossom, followed by attractive ornamental fruits which can also be used for cooking. We can advise on the best crab apple trees to suit your garden.
  • Pear trees Pyrus communis17 varieties
    We have an extensive range of pear trees and can advise on choosing the best pear trees for your garden or orchard project.
  • Asian pear trees Pyrus pyrifolia7 varieties
    Asian pears are grown for their golden fruits, which have a crisp sweet juicy flesh.
  • Perry pear trees Pyrus communis6 varieties
    Pear cider or Perry is an increasingly popular drink, produced from traditional perry pear trees.
  • Cherry trees Prunus avium13 varieties
    Cherry trees are an excellent choice for the garden because they are at their best when eaten straight from the tree.
    • Sweet cherry trees Prunus avium8 varieties
      Sweet cherries have a sweet rich flavor and are ideal for eating out of hand.
    • Tart cherry trees Prunus cerasus5 varieties
      Tart or sour or acid cherry varieties are ideal for culinary uses.
  • Plum trees Prunus domestica19 varieties
    One of the easiest fruits to grow, we love plum trees and can advise on all aspects of choosing and planting them.
    • European plums Prunus salicina8 varieties
      European plums are renowned for their rich flavors, and versatility for eating fresh or cooking.
    • Japanese plums Prunus salicina6 varieties
      Japanese plums are usually larger than European plums and have a rich sweet flavor.
  • Peach trees Prunus persica10 varieties
    Peaches are not quite as easy to grow as apples or plums, but the flavor of home-grown peaches can make it worthwhile trying.