Spring 2024 - end of seasonWe have finished taking orders for this season. You will be able to pre-order for next season from June onwards and shipping begins again in Spring 2025.
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Terms and Conditions


All trees offered for sale on our website are subject to availability. We cannot guarantee that the varieties and formats you order will be available when we come to despatch your order, because trees in the nursery may fail to reach the expected size during the growing season, or become damaged in transit or otherwise unsuitable for sale.

Trees may become unavailable even after we have sent you a "despatching soon" notification because of issues which can arise during picking and packing and delivery. However if this happens we will let you know by email as soon as we are aware. We will not despatch alternative or substitute varieties without first discussing with you.


Your details

Please make sure your contact details, especially your email address and phone number, are accurate and kept up to date in your account details on our website, so that we can get in touch with you if there are problems with your order.

You must make sure you are able to receive email notifications from us about the progress of your order. If you use a spam blocker please ensure you permit emails from any address @orangepippintrees.com. If you use an email screening service, be sure to "whitelist" us in advance as our notifications are sent automatically and we will not be able to fill in online registration forms.



Trees are natural products and we can only ship them when they have reached the right size and weather conditions at our nurseries are suitable. However in most cases we are able to agree a week within the month when you would prefer delivery.

We cannot guarantee delivery, or delivery dates, or undertake to deliver on specific days or at specific times. Because of the size of our delivery packages the day of delivery may change even after we have confirmed despatch. We strongly recommend you allow flexibility in any further arrangements you may have, for example if you are booking a gardener to help plant your trees, and do not rely on delivery on a particular date.

Our trees undergo quality control procedures to ensure they meet our standards. We package them very carefully to ensure they reach you in good condition.

If there is a problem with your order for whatever reason it is usually not possible to replace a tree with the same variety / rootstock because of stock shortages - if that is the case we will refund your payment.

You must be available to receive the delivery, or have made arrangements with neighbors to receive the delivery and plant the trees if you are not present.

If the courier fails to deliver your order we will refund your payment, once the courier has accepted liability.

If your trees are damaged in transit please contact us immediately. Whilst we and our couriers want your trees to arrive in perfect condition, there may occasionally be some minor damage, such as to the tips of branches. This will not affect the future growth of the tree, and in fact it is often desirable to prune the tips of newly-planted fruit trees. However if the damage is serious we will make arrangements to refund / collect or replace the trees. In the meantime please look after them carefully. If they are bare-root trees please lie them on the ground in a safe place and cover the roots with garden soil.

If we make a mistake and deliver something different from what you ordered (as shown on your order acknowledgement), please let us know by email immediately. We will arrange a replacement or alternative if available, or a refund.

If you ask us to ask our couriers to leave the delivery cartons in a safe place or with a neighbour we cannot accept liability for loss or damage. Even though our couriers will do their best to follow any instructions you may have passed on to us, it is your responsibility to locate the trees after delivery and plant them. We monitor all deliveries but if your trees fail to arrive it is important to contact us as soon as possible so that we can follow-up with the courier - we would rather have a false alarm than be alerted too late.

We do not accept any liability if your trees fail to grow, or do not reach the expected sizes, or do not produce fruit or blossom. However we will replace trees (if replacements are available) or provide a refund where it is clear we are at fault - see our Fruit Tree Guarantee for further details.


Cancelling your order

Please note that in most cases we reserve stock for you even if we have not taken payment, therefore if you wish to cancel your order please let us know promptly so that we can make the stock available for other customers.

In most cases you can cancel your order at any time up to the point within 24 hours of the date when we send you the notification that your order is being assembled for shipping. This is usually about a week - 10 days before shipping. After this point your items will be packed and readied for shipment. If you still wish to cancel after this point please see "Returns" below - but contact us as quickly as possible as we may still be able to cancel the delivery.

After 10th April each spring cancellations will incur a re-booking fee of 50% of the order (excluding shipping).

For large orders ( more than 20 trees) or trade orders we may require a 50% deposit payable in advance with the balance in the week prior to delivery. If you need to cancel the order a re-booking fee will apply. The re-booking fee is lower at the start of the season (5% of the deposit), and progressively higher towards the end of the season (up to 50% of the deposit), reflecting the fact that trees on orders cancelled at the end of the season cannot be easily be re-sold.

In the case of collection orders, if you fail to collect the trees or make alternative shipping arrangements we will cancel the order less a 50% re-booking charge.



It is not usually possible to return bare-root trees because they are perishable items, so please check your order acknowledgement carefully.

If you wish to return the trees you will be liable for collection charges, which vary depending on location. We will arrange to collect the trees using our couriers (who know how how to handle our items). Trees should be returned in the delivery cartons they were sent in or a similar close-fitting carton. They will be inspected on return to ensure they are still saleable so please look after the trees until they are collected. In general the sooner you contact us and the sooner the trees are collected, the more likey they are to be of saleable quality. We will then refund your payment, less any packing and collection charges.


Payment issues

Online payment systems are constantly being updated by the banks to improve protection for consumers. To minimise problems please make sure you supply full address details on your order as this information is used by the banks to verify your credentials. The delivery address does not have to be the same as the billing address, but PO Boxes cannot be used.

We also reserve the right to cancel an order after payment has been made if post-authorization checks by our bank reveal problems with the transaction. We will refund the original amount in this situation.

Sorry we can't accept payment by check.


Delivery destinations

Trees are only available for sale within the continental USA excluding Alaska and cannot be exported under any circumstances.

Once we start to prepare your order for delivery it is impossible to change the delivery address. If your order has been dispatched and you wish to change the delivery address it will usually require the items to be returned to us and sent out the following week, and there is a charge for this. If you have paid by credit/debit card or Paypal we may have to cancel your order and take a new order in order to comply with bank security procedures.


Other general terms and conditions

Title to the goods remains with Orange Pippin Limited until full payment has been received and the goods have been delivered and accepted by you.

We reserve the right to cancel your order for any reason at any time. If you have already paid, or if the order has been delivered but is faulty in some way, any payments received would of course be refunded in full.

We do not accept liability if we do not supply the trees you have ordered because of production or delivery problems or other reasons, although we will of course refund you in this situation.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.


Fruit tree guarantee

Most of our tree are covered by our fruit tree guarantee. Please make sure you check to see if any conditions may apply in your case, and note that we ask you to let us know as soon as you suspect there is a problem.


Your responsibilities

In order for your trees to grow successfully we ask you to note the following responsibilities:

  • Plant the tree promptly, in accordance with the guidance provided on our website and in the delivery notifications.
  • Ensure the tree is watered in accordance with its needs over the spring and summer.
  • Ensure the ground around the tree is kept clear of grass and weeds for the first few years.
  • Do not store the tree in a heated house at any time.
  • Trees supplied in temporary pots must be planted out within a few weeks of delivery.
  • Most importantly ... please check your tree regularly, and notify us promptly of any issues or concerns.


Website information

We are fruit tree enthusiasts and we try our best to make sure all the information on this website is accurate, however we do not accept any liability for any loss or damage from inaccuracies in the information we provide.

The photographs on our website are for illustration purposes only, since there can be natural variations in size and appearance between varieties and from one year to the next.

All text and images on this website are copyright Orange Pippin Ltd and may not be copied or re-used without our permission.


Cookies and Privacy

We use cookies to assist the operation of this website. Please review our privacy policy for more details.


About Orange Pippin

Please note that Orange Pippin Ltd is a company with its head office in England, and our trading terms are regulated by the laws of the United Kingdom. For more details click here. However all trees for US delivery are grown in the USA. (Unfortunately we are not allowed to ship trees from Europe to the USA or vice versa because of phytosanitary restrictions).