CrimsonTopazTM apple trees

  • Gardening skill: Suitable for beginners
  • Picking season: Late
  • Keeping (of fruit): 1-2 months
  • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile
  • Pollination group: 3
  • Uses: Eating fresh
  • Uses: Juice

Topaz is a mid-season scab-resistant apple variety with a good balanced sweet-sharp flavor.

CrimsonTopaz is essentially an orange-flushed apple, but will readily color-up to a crimson red in climates with sunny fall days and cool nights.

The apples will hang on the tree and can be picked over an extended period. Alternatively, this is a great variety for deer and birds, and the apples will readily stay on the tree until late December.

CrimsonTopaz apple trees for sale

Mature height*
1-year CrimsonTopaz apple trees bare-root
Small (6ft-9ft) mature height
Out of stock
1-year CrimsonTopaz apple trees bare-root
G.202, G.890 rootstock
Medium (8ft-12ft) mature height
1-year CrimsonTopaz apple trees bare-root
B.118 rootstock
Large (10ft-16ft) mature height

*Find out more about the apple rootstocks we use to control the mature height.

How to grow

CrimsonTopaz is easy to grow and has good scab-resistance. The trees are moderately vigorous and precocious.

Advice on fruit tree pollination.

Historical details

CrimsonTopaz was developed by Dr. Jaroslav Tupy and his team at the Institute of Experimental Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (IEB). It is a red sport of the original Topaz, which in turn has a complex ancestry, but is distantly related to Lord Lambourne and James Grieve, and seems to inherit some of the juicy tartness of these varieties.

CrimsonTopaz characteristics


  • Picking season: Late
  • Uses: Eating fresh Juice
  • Cropping: Heavy
  • Keeping (of fruit): 1-2 months
  • Flavor style (apples): Sharper
  • Juice style: Sharper
  • Fruit persistence: Persistent


  • Gardening skill: Suitable for beginners
  • Self-fertility: Not self-fertile
  • Pollination group: 3
  • Pollinating others: Average
  • Ploidy: Diploid
  • Vigour: Slightly large
  • Precocity: Precocious
  • Bearing regularity: Regular
  • Fruit bearing: Spur-bearer

Disease resistance

  • General resistance: Good
  • Mildew: Some resistance
  • Scab: Very resistant


  • Summer average maximum temperatures: Cool ( 20C - 24C / 68F - 75F) Warm (25C - 30C / 76F - 85F)


  • Country of origin: Czech Republic
  • Period of origin: 1950 - 1999
  • Fruit color: Red - dark
  • Fruit size: Average
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