Domaine cider apple trees

  • Uses: Hard cider

Domaine is a traditional French cider apple, producing a bittersharp juice. It is one of the primary varieties registered for cider production in the Pays d'Auge in Normandy.

Domaine cider apple trees for sale

Mature height*
1-year Domaine cider apple trees bare-root
G.11 rootstock
Small (6ft-9ft) mature height

*Find out more about the apple rootstocks we use to control the mature height.

How to grow

Domaine seems to be more resistant to fireblight than some other French varieties. (Fireblight was unknown in French cider orchards until recently, so it is not a disease which traditional French varieties would have been selected as resistant to).

Advice on fruit tree pollination.

Domaine characteristics


  • Picking season: Late
  • Uses: Hard cider
  • Cropping: Good
  • Juice style: Bittersharp (cider)


  • Vigour: Slightly large

Disease resistance

  • Fireblight: Very resistant Some susceptibility
  • Scab: Some susceptibility


  • Summer average maximum temperatures: Cool ( 20C - 24C / 68F - 75F)


  • Country of origin: France
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