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Best apple trees for beginners

If this is your first time growing apple trees the varieties we recommend here should be a good starting point. They are easy to grow, have good disease-resistance (which means you won't have to spray against diseases), and are reliable croppers.

It is best to start with 2-3 trees if you can, which will cross-pollinate each other. If space is limited choose dwarf rootstocks to keep the size manageable. If you only have space for one apple tree you will need a self-fertile one - unless there are other apple trees or crab-apples in nearby gardens.

Make sure you follow our planting instructions, and keep the trees well-watered over the spring and summer. The most important thing you can do to help your apple trees grow well is simply to go and look at them regularly - perhaps once a week. If you notice anything amiss then contact us right away - most problems can be easily fixed if they are caught quickly.


  • 1st GoldRush

    See also GoldRush

    GoldRush is the ideal apple tree for beginners. It is as fool-proof as any apple tree can be, and should reward you with plenty of apples from a young age.

    There is no compromise on flavor - GoldRush inherits its crisp texture and excellent sweet flavor from Golden Delicious, along with its reliable production and great keeping qualities.  Be sure to thin the fruitlets in late May to get the best fruit size and flavor.

    There are just a few things to look out for. Firstly, it needs a long growing season so is not suitable for zone 4. Secondly, it is not self-fertile, so you will need another compatible apple tree nearby. Thirdly, it is a bit susceptible to cedar apple rust, so not such a good choice if you have cedar trees nearby.

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  • 2nd Alkmene

    See also Alkmene

    Alkmene is a reliable heavy-cropping mid-season apple, originally from Germany. It has some of the complex flavors associated with Cox Orange Pippin, one of its parents.

    The tree is easy to grow, and crops from a young age. You can just plant it and keep it watered and you should get apples!

    It is also reliably self-fertile, a huge advantage if you only have space for one apple tree it is a good choice.

    The only disadvantage is it is susceptible to fireblight, so not a good choice if fireblight is prevalent in your area and you don't want to spray against it,

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  • 3rd Enterprise

    See also Enterprise

    Enterprise is one of the most disease-resistant apples available, with good resistance to fireblight, scab, and cedar apple rust -  and therefore a great choice for your first apple tree.

    The apples have a  firm crisp flesh and pleasant sweet / tart flavor.

    Enterprise is not self-fertile, so you will need another different but compatible apple tree nearby.

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  • 4th Liberty

    See also Liberty

    Liberty is another great choice for the first-time grower. It is resistant to fireblight, scab and cedar rust, which makes it ideal for organic or no-spray growers.

    Liberty is a McIntosh-style apple, characterized by its red skin, and juicy bright white flesh.

    Disadvantages? Liberty is not a good pollinator of other apple trees so you will need at least two other different but compatible apple trees nearby to help with pollination.

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  • 5th Akane

    See also Akane

    Akane is a pretty early season apple with a lovely refreshing summery apple flavor. The apples are usually quite small, ideal for a quick snack.

    The tree is easy to grow, and crops from a young age.

    Akane does not ask much of the grower - just regular watering, and aim to thin the fruitlets in late May as this will help improve the size and flavor of the remaining ones.

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