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Pollination of Bartlett / Williams pear trees

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Your Bartlett / Williams pear tree is in flowering group 3. It is self-sterile and needs a pollination partner nearby. The following varieties will pollinate this pear tree.

Pollination partner pear varieties in our catalogue

  1. Blakeney Red

    Blakeney Red

        check pollinators
    A popular perry pear, and one of the most reliable croppers. Produces a medium-tannin juice.  
    Flowering group: 3  Self-sterile  Picking season:     Stock: Sold out

  2. Brandy


        check pollinators
    A mid-season English perry pear which produces a low-tannin juice.  
    Flowering group: 3  Self-sterile  Picking season:     Stock: Available

  3. Doyenne du Comice

    Doyenne du Comice

        check pollinators
    Doyenne du Comice is arguably the best flavoured of all pears.  
    Flowering group: 4  Self-sterile  Picking season:     Stock: Sold out

  4. Hendre Huffcap

    Hendre Huffcap

        check pollinators
    A well-known English perry pear variety, and a reliable cropper. Makes a light, low-tannin perry.  
    Flowering group: 3  Self-sterile  Picking season:     Stock: Available

  5. Moonglow


        check pollinators
    A high quality early season dessert and culinary pear, very resistant to fireblight.  
    Flowering group: 3  Self-sterile  Picking season:     Stock: Sold out

  6. Yellow Huffcap

    Yellow Huffcap

        check pollinators
    A popular English perry pear. Produces a good quality low-tannin / medium-acid perry.  
    Flowering group: 3  Self-sterile  Picking season:     Stock: Available

Other compatible varieties

We do not sell these varieties but they may be available from other fruit tree nurseries. Use our enquiry form and we will help you find a supplier.

  1. Clapp's Favourite    check pollinators
    An attractive red-flushed early-season American pear.
  2. Concorde    check pollinators
    A marriage of Conference and Comice - Concorde is easy to grow, heavy crops, excellent flavour.
  3. Conference    check pollinators
    A popular and reliable English pear, Conference is perfectly suited to the English climate.
  4. Durondeau    check pollinators
    An attractive Belgian pear from the early 19th century, with a good sweet flavour.
  5. Glou Morceau    check pollinators
    A traditional 18th century Belgian pear with a notably rich sweet flavour.
  6. Humbug    check pollinators
    Humbug is an unusual pear variety, the fruits have distinctive green and yellow stripes.
  7. Invincible    check pollinators
    Invincible is a good-flavour pear which can cope with more difficult conditions than most pears.
  8. Josephine de Malines    check pollinators
    A classic 19th century winter pear with a high quality flavour.
  9. Onward    check pollinators
    Onward is high quality dessert pear, related to Doyenne du Comice but easier to grow.
  10. Winter Nelis    check pollinators
    A late-season dessert pear from Belgium, with an excellent sweet flavour.

More advice about pollination

Please note that our whilst our system takes many relevant factors into account, it is certainly not completely accurate

Our article on the pollination of fruit trees gives more details of the factors involved in pollination.

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