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Apple trees

  • Arkansas Black

    Arkansas Black is an unusual and attractive apple, used as a winter apple after maturing in a cold store.
    • Full size - bare-root  1-year  Bud. 118
  • Chieftain

    A quietly popular apple, similar to Delicious but with a better and more complex flavor.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  M7
  • Cox's Orange Pippin

    Cox is widely acknowledged as having the best flavour of any apple variety.
    • Medium - bare-root  1-year  M26
  • Enterprise

    Enterprise is a modern American disease-resistant apple, good for eating fresh and cooking.
    • Full-size - bare-root  1-year  Vigorous
  • GoldRush

    GoldRush is a modern disease-resistant apple, like Golden Delicious but with a better tart/sweet balance.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.11
  • Granny Smith

    Granny Smith is the world-famous green apple from Australia, a good choice for warmer apple-growing regions.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  MM111
  • Honeycrisp

    Honeycrisp is a new cold-hardy disease-resistant apple - it shows just how good modern apples have become.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  M7
    • Full size - bare-root  1-year  Bud. 118
  • King David

    A popular Arkansas variety with a rich southern flavor.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.16
  • Liberty

    Liberty is a popular disease-resistant apple, large crops of bright red apples, similar to McIntosh.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.41
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.16
  • Macoun

    Macoun is one of the best McIntosh-style apples, with the characteristic flowery vinous flavor.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.41
  • Mutsu (Crispin)

    Mutsu (or Crispin) is a high quality apple from Japan, with a good flavor, and also sharp enough for cooking.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.41
  • Northern Spy

    Northern Spy is a popular late-season American heirloom apple variety which stores well.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.41
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  G.30
  • Pristine

    A very early disease-resistant golden-green apple with a tart flavor.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  M7
  • Roxbury Russet

    Roxbury Russet is probably the oldest apple variety originating from North America.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  G.30
    • Full size - bare-root  1-year  Bud. 118
  • Spitzenburg

    Esopus Spitzenberg is one of the best-flavored American heirloom apples, and a favourite of Thomas Jefferson.
    • Medium - bare-root  1-year  G.202
  • Sweet Sixteen

    Sweet 16 is a sweet-flavored apple, with good cold hardiness.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  G.30

Cider apple trees

  • Dabinett

    Dabinett is a traditional English cider apple variety, producing a bittersweet juice.
    • Medium - bare-root  1-year  G.935
  • Kingston Black

    Kingston Black is one of the premier English cider varieties and produces a bittersharp juice.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.11
  • Porter's Perfection

    Porter's Perfection is a 19th century English cider variety producing a bittersharp juice.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  Bud. 9
  • Tremlett's Bitter

    Tremlett's Bitter is a traditional English cider apple variety producing a bittersweet juice.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.41

Plum trees

  • President

    A late season English dual-purpose plum, notable for heavy crops of large plums.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  Myrobalan