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Fruit tree stock availability


Apple trees

  • Enterprise

    Enterprise is a modern American disease-resistant apple, good for eating fresh and cooking.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  M7
  • Honeycrisp

    Honeycrisp is a new cold-hardy disease-resistant apple - it shows just how good modern apples have become.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.41
  • Jonagold

    Jonagold is a high quality American apple, with a good balanced sweet/sharp flavor.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  M7
  • Liberty

    Liberty is a popular disease-resistant apple, large crops of bright red apples, similar to McIntosh.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.11
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.16
    • Medium - bare-root  1-year  G.202
  • McIntosh

    A traditional versatile apple popular in the northern states of the USA. Also known as Macintosh.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  M7
  • Saint Edmund's Russet

    Not as well known as other russets, St. Edmund's Russet is nevertheless one of the best.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  G.16
  • Zestar!

    A crisp attractive early-season apple which stores well.
    • Small - bare-root  1-year  Bud. 9

Pear trees

  • Seckel

    A small but exceptionally sweet red American pear from the 18th century.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  OHxF 87

Perry pear trees

  • Hendre Huffcap

    A well-known English perry pear variety, and a reliable cropper. Makes a light, low-tannin perry.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  OHxF 87
  • Yellow Huffcap

    A popular English perry pear. Produces a good quality low-tannin / medium-acid perry.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  OHxF 87

Plum trees

  • European Damson

    A European-style Damson plum, with a traditional rich astringent flavor.
    • Medium - bare-root  1-year  Pumiselect
  • Valor

    Valor is a large dual-purpose purple plum from Canada, ripening late in the season.
    • Large - bare-root  1-year  Myrobalan
  • Victory

    A very late ripening prune-style plum, and one of the largest-fruited of all plums.
    • Medium - bare-root  1-year  Pumiselect