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Pollination of Court Pendu Plat apple trees

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Your Court Pendu Plat apple tree is in flowering group 6. It is self-sterile and needs a pollination partner nearby. The following varieties will pollinate this apple tree. (Most white-blossom crab-apples will also be good pollinators for this variety).

Pollination partner apple varieties in our catalog

  1. Dabinett

    Dabinett is a traditional English cider apple variety, producing a bittersweet juice.
    Flowering group: 6Self-fertilePicking: Late season
  2. Golden Hornet

    Malus Golden Hornet has pink / white blossom then small yellow crab apples which hang on late in the year.
    Flowering group: 5Self-fertilePicking: Very-Late season
  3. Herefordshire Redstreak

    Herefordshire Redstreak is an old English cider apple variety which produces a bittersharp juice.
    Flowering group: 5Self-sterilePicking: Very-Late season
  4. Kingston Black

    Kingston Black is one of the premier English cider varieties and produces a bittersharp juice.
    Flowering group: 5Self-sterilePicking: Very-Late season
  5. Northern Spy

    Northern Spy is a popular late-season American heirloom apple variety which stores well.
    Flowering group: 5Self-sterilePicking: Very-Late season
  6. Stoke Red

    A traditional English cider apple producing a bittersharp juice.
    Flowering group: 6Self-sterilePicking: Very-Late season

Other compatible varieties

We do not sell these varieties but they may be available from other fruit tree nurseries. Use our enquiry form and we will help you find a supplier.

  1. Bess Pool
    Late keeping eating apple. Flesh rather dry with sweet pleasant flavor.
  2. Britemac
    Good McIntosh type. Large and attractive, brightly colored and the best for eating. Sweet, juicy, crisp, white flesh.
  3. Brown's Seedling
    An English culinary variety from Stamford. Rated by Hogg as handsome, excellent for culinary use, and a good keeper.
  4. Cottenham Seedling
    A well-regarded early 20th century cooking apple from the east of England with a good pedigree.
  5. Crawley Beauty
    Primarily a culinary variety, cooks to a puree with a delicate apple flavour - but can be eaten fresh after storing. Good disease resistance and tolerates a wide range of soil types.
  6. Decio
    Probably the oldest variety in existence, thought to date back to Roman times
  7. Edward VII
    A popular English garden cooking apple, very easy to grow.
  8. Forfar
    Versatile cooker, recommended for apple charlotte
  9. Golden Noble
    A sweet-flavoured cooking apple, and a good tree for the garden.
  10. King Charles Pearmain
    An attractive 19th century pearmain-shaped apple with a dull golden yellow skin. The flesh is firm, fairly juicy, and strongly flavoured.
  11. Maclean's Favourite
    A high quality late-season dessert apple with a rich sweet-sharp flavour. The tree is a heavy cropper but can be disease-prone.
  12. Mollie's Delicious
    A very good to excellent early apple ripening. Fruits are large to very large, conical in shape with a pinkish red color. Has an exceptionally pleasing aftertaste. This quality can be maintained in storage for at least 10 weeks under refrigeration.
  13. Ozark Gold
    Very similar to Golden Delicious. Flavor is sweet, honeyed, very juicy with little acidity.
  14. Red Rome
    A redder-colored sport of Rome Beauty.
  15. Rome Beauty
    An extremely attractive and productive red cooking apple, widely-grown in North America.
  16. Tremlett's Bitter
    Bitter-sweet cider apple. Medium fruit, yellow skin flushed red.
  17. Comtesse de Paris
    A well-regarded late-flowering crab-apple with persistent yellow fruitlets.
  18. Jonalicious
    The perfect combination of sugar and spice - taste of Red Delicious and the tart freshness of Jonathan. A crisp texture makes it ideal for eating, cooking or fresh eating. Keeps extremely well. 2½ to 3 inch fruit is bright red with yellow under color.

More advice about pollination

Please note that our whilst our system takes many relevant factors into account, it is certainly not completely accurate

Our article on the pollination of fruit trees gives more details of the factors involved in pollination.

Crab apples

It is worth remembering that many (but not all)crab apple trees make excellent pollinators for almost any apple variety. This is because they produce very large quantities of pollen over a long period and are (with some exceptions) only distantly related to mainstream apple varieties so their pollen is highly compatible.

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