Easy apple trees for the USA

A collection of apple tree varieties that will grow in most situations in the USA, and provide good results with the minimum of effort or knowledge required on the part of the gardener!
GoldRush apple tree
Very late-season  (4)  
Eat | Cook | Cider |  Sold out

GoldRush is a modern disease-resistant apple, like Golden Delicious but with a better tart/sweet balance.
Liberty apple tree
Late-season  (2)  
Eat | Juicing  |  Sold out

Liberty is a popular disease-resistant apple, large crops of bright red apples, similar to McIntosh.
Enterprise apple tree
Very late-season  (4)  
Eat | Cook  |  In stock

Disease-resistant, and reliable almost everywhere. Skin is rather tough, but helps protect from insect damage.

More about Easy apple trees for the USA

There is a lot to be said for choosing apple varieties which are especially easy to grow, as these will reward you with good quality apples in most years and in most situations. This collection includes apples with good disease resistance and the ability to thrive in most US climate zones.