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Apple trees for the south-eastern states

A collection of apple trees suitable for growing in zones 7 and 8 of the south eastern states.

Granny Smith apple tree
Very late-season  (3)  SF  
Eat | Cook  |  In stock

Granny Smith is the world-famous green apple from Australia, a good choice for warmer apple-growing regions.
Braeburn apple tree
Very late-season  (4)  SF  
Eat  |  Sold out

Braeburn is one of the best-flavoured supermarket apple varieties.
Cripps Pink apple tree
Very late-season  (3)  
Eat | Juicing  |  In stock

Cripps Pink is one of the best-known modern apple varieties, well-suited to the warmer apple-growing regions.
Cripps Red apple tree
Very late-season  (3)  
Eat | Cook  |  Sold out

Cripps Red is a late-season dessert apple from Australia, with a crisp dense flesh and a good flavor.
Fuji apple tree
Very late-season  (3)  
Eat  |  In stock

Developed in Japan, but with all-American parents, Fuji is a very attractive apple with a good sweet flavor.
Arkansas Black apple tree
Late-season  (3)  
Eat | Cook | Juicing | Cider |  In stock

Arkansas Black is an unusual and attractive apple, used as a winter apple after maturing in a cold store.
Jonagold apple tree
Late-season  (4)  
Eat | Cook | Juicing | Cider |  In stock

Jonagold is a high quality American apple, with a good balanced sweet/sharp flavor.
Akane apple tree
Early-season  (4)  
Eat | Cook | Juicing  |  In stock

Akane is an attractive early-season eating apple with a good pedigree and a sweet/sharp flavor.

More about Apple trees for the south-eastern states

These are apple varieties that like a hot summer and a long warm fall to ripen. Many of them have a low-chill requirement, which means they will fruit reliably even in areas where winter temperatures rarely fall near to freezing.